This blog is dedicated to No-Kywln -A project I’ve been working on and developing over the years.What started as just an idea,a bunch of silly art,has reached the point where it tries to stand out as a solid project for a game series.With a variety of cast  and unique settled world,the project aims to offer new and different experiences from the everyday usual in which we as a society are absorbed.

Apart from the project itself,this blog also reflects on my work,thoughts,ideas and numerous sparks of autism.From a huge variety of filler posts and spam,you’ll be also presented with huge amount of video posts as well as status posts,which tends to be all lies nevertheless.All in all,this blog will also put you through my stages of development of games,art,ect. OR my ultimate degradation and cruel destiny of rotting within a dupster.


With that I welcome you!My name is Flare and I am the owner of this blog and creator of No-Kywln.I hope you enjoy yourself while browsing through the posts.

[This introduction page turned out to be as bad as I planned,but its way better than the first one.OH WELL!]


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