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Dumb ways to fly

Also,falling behind with Arc work.

Freakin’ dentists,I swear…

Then you turn to your friends…the shadows already nipping your ankles.Looking at your companions you sense their fears,hopes,dreams scatter.

No really,what's it the FCKING bag?

There is now a new tab for all the games I am currently working on.

Also,the pain you are not aware of is the best pain!

No-Kywln:Fisherman [Arc I] ///Released!///


There we go!

After three years of wasting time and posting crap…

…a game has been born…


The start of this year should be a great one!

Maybe...just maybe...

I’ve started working on a side project,till my old laptop is fixed and I get it back.(I can’t keep working on “Wave” without it…) The new project is a game named “Fisherman”!It is still part of the No-Kywln series and it’s going to be a pretty short one.Difficulty will be pretty average.Not so concentrated on exploration,rather than puzzles…I guess…

Stay tuned for more!

Making a post about New Year’s Eve’ after the actuall event in order to prove my insecurity!

That's a nice image for the last post of the year...

I say “So long,stupid old year,welcome new one!I can’t wait for another 365 days of struggling for life and whatnot!

I will remember this year as a pretty painful year!I lost my soul,I experienced great happiness and I was punished with even greater suffering!I started working more seriously on my project by starting 2 main projects and a side one,all of which are concentrated on games!

This year was…pretty chaotic…

See you all next year!

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