I wish I could take it all back [the end of No-Kywln.wordpress.com]/This is now an archive!I am never coming back here.


Perhaps I started making blogs with the idea that I would attract people who will be willing to pay attention to me.Maybe I was really lonely back in the days.Not that nowadays its any different.Ultimately I came to realize that I just wanted to make something of myself.To create something that people would enjoy seeing or doing.And guess what?That didn’t happend!Yet!Maybe it won’t happend at all!Who knows?

But this blog as a whole…I don’t know…I can’t bare to combine shitposting with actual updates from the game.I am tired of lying and giving false promises.Even if there aren’t any people whatsoever visiting this OR caring about the game…I just can’t bare to continue with the same old crap over and over.

I had good times in here.Yep.Pretty good.Time to move on…I guess…or not really.I am going to continue posting silly and stupid stuff on https://laboratoryroomnineteen.wordpress.com/

In the meantime,I would be working on another blog,which will be dedicated to No-Kywln alone.All the games and whatnot will be there for download,along with art,stuff,ect.YEAH,YEAH WORDS AND MORE WORDS!Enough of this!I am leaving.Bye.See you on the other side!

P.S.Check this blog once a month or the other one every week for news about the new No-Kywln blog,if you are interested,that’s it.

1 Response to “I wish I could take it all back [the end of No-Kywln.wordpress.com]/This is now an archive!I am never coming back here.”

  1. 1 Mushyrulez May 2, 2015 at 12:40 am

    well, keep up the good fight, never give up, blogs are stupid anyways (trust me i know), and i still come back once a month kinda!

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