Missing in action


The characters from [Wave] are actually stomping over those from [Fisherman].Almost everyone from my team prefers them rather than those from the current project I am working on.Yes,I am actually working with other people,even though they do 5% of all the work.I still consider them as an important part of what I do tho.

Here’s something good: Next month I’ll be getting back my laptop and all the files for Wave as well.So after Fisherman is done I’ll just do Wave.I might even consider remaking lots of the content in Wave,just like how I’m going to do with Wandering in Darkness.

Actually,I am not sure about the last one.Wandering in Darkness is…um.I don’t know.It’s design is pretty bad.It’s not as good as Wave or Fisherman.But we’ll see…

[I hate all the dialoge in WiD and Wave.It’s pretty…silly and stupid at some places.]
Then again,this is what the majority of people like right?

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