No-Kywln:Fisherman [The work behind the monitor]

I hate this meme,but this is hella cute!

I guess that one of the main reasons for me to create [Fisherman] was due to the fact that the No-Kywln project didn’t had anything to offer as a whole.Originally,I was planning to use [Wave] for that,but one thing led to another and it had to be frozen for a time being.

[Fisherman] from my point of view is a one breath game.I wanted to make a game that is short and simple.The plot itself is not easy to follow and it require the player to do some thinking on the whole thing.As for the graphics,I decided to combine my ideas with others,already presented resources.I can’t say if it’s due to me not having a lot of time or just because I am lazy.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the characters sprites.My main goal is to always make them look smooth,both in appearance and movement.Some of them look and act a bit weird,in both aspects,which is exactly what I aim for.I want for them to feel natural.Not too much or less being put into them.

The gameplay is supposed to be simple,but to experience everything the game has to offer it’s recommended to take your time.A rushed game is not a good game,but then again,the same goes for the opposite.

What would Arc II offer you?I have no idea.The people testing it right now are not sure about it either.This includes me.While it has it good points,there are still things that needs to be fixed or even remade.I hope that its addition will make [Fisherman] even more intriguing and fun[?] to play.

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