No-Kywln:Fisherman [Arcs and shit!]

This is not what you think it is...


I’ve decided to divide this project into three parts.I call these parts Arcs.Soon I’ll be done with the first one.Why is that?

First of all,I love this project and I want to see it finished.(Which will happen soon…I hope…)Thus,when I divide it into three separate arcs,If I finish just one of them,the game is pretty much done!The first arc is pretty much the game itself,it can live without the others… Those arcs are not updates!They are more like…expansions!Updates are made for unfinished games and that’s not the case here…

Second,I am pretty busy with work and whatnot.I don’t want to be in a situation where I can’t work on this game for 2 years because I have work or studies and whatnot shit… So when I finish the first arc,I’ll be happy to say that this product is finished and not working on it won’t affect it’s…um…general existance as a game…or something…I don’t know…

Third,I lack money and food.(Love as well!)If by some miracle I get boosted and get enough of these,I might be able to finish the other 2 arcs as well!

In another post I will explain more about the arcs!

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