No-Kywln:Games,a feast and sometimes rain! Let’s make a FAQ based on ppl!{?}

Q:Now that you’ve released a demo of your first game,how many more years do we have to wait until the full release?

A:If all goes well,I will be able to release it until the end of this year!Then again,stuff tends to happen every now and then…

Q:You birthday is coming!How do you feel about that?

A:Ugh…well…yeah.This is how I feel about it!I am probably ALSO going to continue with my work on the game after it.

Q:What do you want for your birthday?

A:Why would I want something for my birthday?

Q:Some people tend to get lost in the early stages of your game.What are you going to do about that?

A:Hmm…But then again,you see,some people have pretty good orientation and this problem is not presented for them.Should I do something about that too?

Q:How can you describe your the current state of the game?

A:The demo is pretty much experimental.I want to see what can I do with the engine and pretty much how people going to react to it.So far I like the results.The number of people who played the demo is pretty low,but that’s pretty fine.I do expect that to change after I release the full version and start…showing it around places.

Q:The plot is really confusing!What about that?

A:This is how I want it to be.It’s…it’s a thing that I like.I think it would be fine.Then again,I’ve never been a fan of detailed plot in games.

Q:What are we to expect from this game in the future?

A:Increase in difficulty,a lot of secret areas,traps and of course…weird stuff!

Q:Are all characters,that you presented from your project,going to take place in the game?

A:Well Yuame is playable and there is Sai at one point.I am not sure about the rest.They are probably not going to show up,but then again,who knows?

Q:What do you think about this post?

A:Not the best idea I’ve ever had,but I need to post something…

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