Toehoe 13.5! ==>As seen by Flare<==

Yuu-moo cutto!It’s a game!A pretty rad game,but no rad enough for me…

I could talk about the plot…but then again,this is a game,not a movie or a book.I’ve always supported the idea that a game should be a game,thus being played.Everything else comes second!Plot,art,music…

Another thing is,I never compare games!Billion people were like: “OH MAN,THIS GAME IS NOT BETTER THAN TOEHOE 12.3 OR 10.5,ECT,ECT,ECT!!!Like,the only things those games have in common is that they are all fighting games and they all revolve around the same project,thus being 2hu porujecto!But still,this game in general has different mechanics,different style of gameplay…It’s like trying to compare a milk to a Pepsi…There’s just no point whatsoever.



I don’t like the game…I really feel that they could have done…I don’t know…Something more?I feel like the characters are…boring.To play with,that’s it.They have cool stuff,abilities,combos and all that shit…But it’s like…there could be more.Well,I do like to own stuff with Ichirin,cuz she is so fucking overpowered.I like Mamizou too!Yeah,the characters are cool in design and idea,but when it comes to an actual gameplay…

You know I actually want to end this post right now.I really don’t want to write about this anymore.Why did I even started this in first place?

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