No-Kywln:A game! [The Art!]

I am not good at art in general.At least that’s how most people see me when it comes to that.Still,I am going to keep to my standards and use my own style and ideas for the art in the game.

I’ve been thinking about getting some people to do art for the game,but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not a great idea.Like,if I am going to make something,especially if it’s my first “Big” project,I would like to do my best,not ask for others to do my work and save me time and whatnot.

Looking right now at the art page of this blog…It could be a lot better indeed…But then again,I am Flare…

As for game sprites and whatnot…I think you have seen my test videos where I show stuff that I make on RPGMaker2003 so…yeah.

Gotta go shower now…

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