I write in this post about the video game I am developing!

First of all,I want to say that I haven’t given up on the idea.I think about it every single day!Almost everywhere!

So here’s how everything goes so far:

I managed to come up with an idea for the gameplay and the levels/rooms in general.

I have the idea for characters,NPCs,monsters,ect.I just need to spend some time on the sprites for them.I think I can do them in a week.Yep!No more than that.Don’t get this wrong!The game is going to be pretty long!Also,there won’t be repetitive things all over the place.I shall aim to make everything changing and putting the player into a lot of different situations,while staying close to the “idea” of the game.I do not wish to reveal what this “idea” is right now…

I am still working on the plot for the game.The thing is:I kind of want to make it interesting…but at the same time I do not want to give too much information because this usually ruins the game itself.(I am pretty sure you understand what I am talking about…)I think that in the end I will try to cuz the plot to the size of a pebble,because big rocks are pretty hard to push up a hill!

The most crucial things about the game currently are:

Sounds/Music:Something I need to work on a lot!This will take me more than a month…probably…

Difficulty:I have still not idea about this…But I feel that I should aim for a “Hard scaling” level of difficulty.By that I mean making things start easy and smooth while directing them to become pretty hard and chaotic,to the point where you might hate the game for what it is.

Yeah…don’t mind that last thing about the difficulty…

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