Flare’s search for an “Utopia”!


There are always those moments where people just won’t listen to you.The moment where people would refuse to hear your reasons,just because they don’t find you to be in the position for that.They will just keep on saying: “OH NO IT’S YOUR FAULT!DON’T EVEN TRY TO TALK BACK!AT LEAST HAVE SOME SHAME AND SHUT UP!” And you know,you kinda start to feel badly about the whole thing,even though you don’t have to do anything with it,somehow all the fault has been put on you.

Then you start to wonder-What do I do now?Do I try to outlive such things and keep going?Should I try to fix the problem?NO!These things are not a solution!From my experience,if someone is acting like a jerk to you OR is trying to put all the fault on you,even if you fix the relationship between you and him/her…they are going to do it again!Sometime in the future…things will repeat!That’s why you have to keep going and search for new people,new contacts,new places…until you find something you are satisfied with.Otherwise you are just going to torture yourself…Let alone hate yourself for what you’ve done later in your life,like: “I could have lived those moments of my life way better!Yet I spent them at a place that I don’t like with people that are just using me for what I have and can.

…and this is why I am currently trying to get some money so I can move out from the place I am currently staying at AND find a better one…


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