The New Anime Season post,where I don’t post charts!

What’s this?What’s this?

There’s stupid shows everywhere

What’s this?

They are all going to air

What’s this?

I can’t believe my tired eyes

I must be dreaming

Wake up,Flare,this is a nightmare

What’s this?


What’s this?What’s this?

There’s something very wrong

What’s this?

There’s a lot of lame opening songs


What’s this?

A show with bad plot,where

Slutty dressed 14 years old girls are laughing

They make anime fans all happy

Have the people gone probably daffy

What is this?

What’s this?


There’s lolis showing panties

Instead of sing or dance

They are busy charming fans

But I really do not care


There’s boobs in every scene

Oh,I can’t believe my eyes

And in my mind I feel the hatred

That’s coming from my heart



What’s this?

They are showing even more,a kiss

Why that looks so unique,inspired

Even if it is between the same gender

This is supposed to be about love too tender

What’s this?


What’s this?

I see,characters order some beer,and cheer

And who would ever think

And why?


They are almost wearing no clothes

With silly accessories on their body parts

And there’s a smile on everyone

So now answer me since I don’t know

This is fun?

This is fun?

Oh,could it be I was wrong?

What’s this?


Oh my,what now?

Some female characters are asleep

But look,they are not wearing anything underneath

No panties,no bloomers there to cover and protect them

Oh purge them,for little things like this

I cannot be secure anymore about my anime picks

What’s this?


The adventures are all missing

And the heart-warming plots can’t be found

And in their place there’s seems to be

Anime shows with dark plots and emo girls all around


Instead of cheer,I swear

I can hear panting in the shows

The scenes of sexuality and needless emotionality

Are absolutely everywhere


The art,the sounds

They suck all around

I’ve never felt so bad before

The anger inside of me is filling up

I simply cannot get it our enough


I want to,oh,I want to

For the sake of my mind

I’ve got to know

I’ve got to know

What is the thing I am seeing?

What is this?

New Anime Season Chart?Hmmm…

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