THE WAY OF THE “FLARE”[In capital letters!]

“As smelled by a bimbo!”

"Stop making these posts Flare!They suck!!!"

“You post a lot of Yuri Yuri pictures!You are a fan of the show right?”

-Nope.Haven’t watched it yet.Probably going to do it soon.I do have the feeling that I am probably not going to enjoy it…

“You also tend to upload a lot of Yume Nikki related stuff…”

-I love that game and the stuff related to it.Not fan games though.The only fan game that I enjoyed was Yume 2kki and…that’s about it.After that everyone started doing their own games and…yeah.The magic was ruined.This is also one reason for me not to work on my game that much,as I think that it might be a waste of a time in the end.But we’ll see…

“…and the Touhou the covers a huge part of your bl-”

-Yeah,I just can’t argue about that.I am one of those 2hu hipsters that still can’t get enough of it.What can I say?It’s a solid project…

“Why don’t you make anime previews/reviews?”

-Waste of time.It is also something that I won’t enjoy.I try to do it from time to time but…it’s so boring! <_<

“You’ve also written few post pages in O-NEW…”

-I might do it again in the future.It’s a nice blog.Most of the posts suck in general,but hey-I am not the one to talk. XD

“Why do you keep making th-”

-Because I can!

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