Why late post?/Why eRiot?


Well,this post is super late!Sorry about that but…last night I had some unexpected issues occurring and I had to move out of my place and go to another one.You know…things happen.

This is also a post where I want to talk about why I choose eRiot as a guy for…doing art for my project.

FIRST of all,his art isn’t super awesome.I mean,his art is not grand or flashy as you may have seen.It is more like…expressional art.An art where the artist is aiming to represent stuff from his/her point of view.This is something that I really like.Cuz let’s be honest here,most art these days on the internet is…hmmm,how to put it…

Boring?Semi-traditional?I don’t know what to say really!Another thing is that eRiot really tries to go for something different in his art.Like,if you’ve seen what he has done with the Yuame art,he drew her in a completely different light from the original and that turned out super well!This really gives me a lot of hope for the next No-Kywln art that he is going to do.

+ the fact that he keeps things simple,nice and smooth.Like how art should be![At least from my point of view.]


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