A special day for Flare!

Also,Kasen is related to everything+A work safe image!

Today is a very special day for me!

Today is the day where I was able to break my shell which imprisoned my true inner self for a long period of time.I was able to stand up for myself and keep my position and point of view of various aspects solid!Where people were having doubts of my skills,I  proved them wrong.

I make mistakes.Everyone does!But I am not going to stand for people who wants to break me down just because I did these mistakes!Where their goal lies,they understood that they will never be able to reach it without my support,my presence-Without me in general!Let their anger and despair consume their life essence,while I laugh at them.



I shall now rest until my shell regenerates again.I shall keep living and doing my tasks as a simple…ghost in a shell.

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