Late night post[Flare explains stuff!]

So…Hi.I am a guy on the internet,also known by some people as Flare.I do art and…stuff.In the recent months my productivity dropped down below 20%.The reason for that is that I am currently in a very bad…”life position”?Yeah!That’s it.I am currently unemployed and I am pretty much stuck in my hometown helping my parents and my sick grandmother.Most of my time is taken by a lot of work which involves things like “Part-time jobs” and keeping my grandma’ company.Sometimes I do get a little bit of free time,but I am mostly using it to keep in contact with friends and relatives.I’ve been willing to start doing something for my current project No-Kywln,but as things are going,this is not going to happen soon.I must also point out that I do work on other side-projects as well and…yeah.I have a lot of work.[Including studying for a profession.]I also try to keep this blog active,but sadly most of the post these days turn out to be pretty boring or…ahem,shitty. <_< For that I am really sorry.

{Also,I am not on drugs right now!}


Some people gave me the idea of streaming stuff,which I do find to be…a good idea I suppose?I am still working on this though.I’ve been also trying to find time to work on some new pages for this blog but…oh well.

About my art and the art page-Probably not going to make a new art soon.But I am going to update the art page as often as I can.

The No-Kywln project-I know that this project is still somewhat a mist.No plot,no character development…I really want to give it a head start by making a game or writing a story or something but it requires so much time-Something which I do not possess,at least at the moment.

Game?Crazy talk!-Yeah…If I am going to make a game I am probably going to make something short with the goal to be enjoyable,with a little bit of weirdness and difficulty.I am not fan of making scary games and…the whole idea of “Scary games” sounds dull and silly to me.We’ll see…

What else?-I often play games.Yes!Mostly indie games.I also play League of Legends on the EU NORDIC & EAST server,but not more than 2-3 games a day.You can find me there as FlareDarknight.I am not a high skilled player,somewhere avrage between 1400-1500 ELO.I also tend to be positive player AND “Ciderhelm-ish”. <_</>_> Will be happy to play with anyone,no matter who skillful they are.



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