When you spit on an idea[The post]

Sorry about the delay.Things happened and I wasn’t able to write the post on time.So…

Last night…or to be more precise-the night before last night-I talked with some people about some stuff.By that I mean that I talked with them about the game that I am working on.There were a lot of questions and a lot of answers.To my surprise a lot of people were really negative about my ideas for gameplay,graphics,music…ect.I am not going to lie,I got pretty pissed off!I don’t know if it was about the fact that my ideas got reject or because people were too harsh about the whole thing.Yeah,you can’t just judge or criticize a thing just by basing your own preferences on it!No!You have to consider a lot of other things as well…Other people,other projects…and stuff!

But you know…I am still going for it.I put so much into my project his far and I am not going to back off just like that!

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