Super ultra mega giga awesome post that beheads dolls when you read it.[Art-stuff-things-yo-man-girl-fetus]

So…hey.This is a post about a thing.An awesome thing.



You know,that guy who likes to draw,who is also a friend of mine,who is also a guy-He made this!Well,he is still working on this,but things went like,me saying a lot of “Heeeeyyyyyy” with him responding a lot with “Brrrrr,hrrrrrr,beeep,booop” and “look at the size of that thing!” AND I ended with the idea of posting the stages of work on this art.


So…yeah.He is making some art for my project.We decided to choose Yuame for an object of the art since…yeah.She is unique in a lot of aspects.And she is probably going to appear in a lot of the games and stuff that I’ll made in the future.Also,she has an umbrella and girls with umbrellas are pretty cool.[And adorable.]As you can see,the guy[Who is also known as eRiot,Neoseeker and whatnot]is going for an unique perspective and personal point of view in this piece of art.I am also pretty tired,because 2.00 AM is not a good time for making posts.Especially if you are going to have an exam in 12 hours.

Here are also some links to eRiot’s website,gallery and whatnot.Probably going to add them tomorrow in the link section.

eRiot website:

eRiot gallery:

eRiot facebook[Cuz why the hell not]:

…and yeah.He is a cool guy,so I am doing him a favor by making a little advertising of his products and services.YES HE DOES TAKES REQUESTS AND MAKES ART FOR MONEY.So feel free to…ask him to…eat a banana.

Good night!

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