Hey!You know what’s awesome?Doing a lot of paperwork for a Uni-related-project.Even if it’s only four PDF pages,it is still something that gets on my nerves.I am a person who like to do what he wants,not what he must.[I like to dominate my partner in bed,even though I tend to be the submis- What the hell am I even talking about?]

Wait!I forgot to tell ya’.I started working on a Minecraft thin- [Come on now!I am like the only person who never had the time to try the game.Besides,I wanna do something creative and grand,probably No-Kywln related.]

AND…for the No-Kywln game that I’m working on,I’ve thought about making a demo version before the full release.Cuz why the hell not?These are all just plans for now but…yeah.For now it’s all planning and…eating candy.

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