Post Number XX5

Yes,No,Maybe,I don't know,Can you repeat the question?

What happens to you when you die?I know the answer…When you die,people no longer care about you.Nope.They care about the things you possessed and if they can get their hands on as many of them as possible.But you won’t be there to stop them!The people are probably going to change the appearance of your room as well.[They are probably going to use it as a storage room.Who the hell would wants to sleep/live in the room of a dead person?]Most people are probably going to cry at your funeral just so they can keep their social status.They don’t care about you!How can you be sure if someone actually cares about you?There’s no way!People like to use you only in way which can fulfill their interests.ASLO,think about how many of your possessions will be thrown out!After you spent so much time of your life collecting them…

Will the people you know online be informed of your dead?Not likely.Even if you’ve told someone to inform them if such thing happens,how can you be sure that he/she’ll do that after you die?

What about all your work and deeds you have done?They won’t matter to people anymore.And even if they do,it will be only a matter of time before people forget about them.[School?I bet the the students there will be happy,because your funeral will be a reason for a Let’s-take-a-day-off-from-school-because-a-guy-combust-to-dust.{That’s right,your family is probably going to burn your body and use your dust for their morning tea.}]

Why would you even care about something after you die?

When you die…it’s the end of the whole world.For you!Just as there was nothing before you were born,there won’t be anything when you die!

…and YOU will die sooner or later.No matter how you accept this fact,it’s something you won’t be able to avoid.To all things comes an end.What are you going to do about this?

Deadelion xx5-You will be forgotten!


So what will happen to this blog if I die tomorrow?Or if I kill myself?Hmm…

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