1~9{Flare’s personal facts} ;;Part2;;

4,My favorite movie of all time is “Fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain,Le”.Despite it genre,it’s one of the movies that I wouldn’t mind re-watching over and over.[Flare doesn’t like {re}watching romantic movies!]Although I am pretty sure that the generation these days won’t find it interesting at all.[Because kids and teenagers these days are…um…knocked bottles of outdated Pepsi.]This movie…I really like the story and the characters in it.It is the kind of movie that I like to watch while eating…a lot!.How should I say it…IT’S different.Original.Interesting.Unusual…maybe?

Another specific thing is that I have never been able to hold my tears at the end of IT.[Movie generates feelings.It’s su-]Tears of happiness and joy.Pure tears!When I start to cry I feel good and I want to keep going on.So I usually end up crying for around 20 or more minutes.Another unusual thing is that when I cry during this movie,I like to watch myself in the mirror.It’s a weird thing but…that’s what I do!After that I spend a lot of time by daydreaming of drawing a lot of cute,crying girls with weird eyes.{I have to start doing that…one day…}



5.If I have to describe my personality,I would say that I am really shy person.Shy and nervous.You know…like those stereotypical Anime-girl-types.{…and I wear glasses.}My true nature though is only revealed to those who are{become} close to me.Judging by their words,I am arrogant,aggressive,vulgar,insensitive and “parasite”,as my Mother likes to call me.

On the internet,I am what I am.I am what I eat and I eat what I am.I am also really sensitive about friendship,which may or may not be the reason for me to not have a lot of friends.

No wait,I AM all my friends… \(^_*)/


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