…and a really bad toothache.

Alright then.Let’s see…

The only thing that I still need to fix is the {RPGM2003 Tilesets} problem.So far,this is the only thing that keeps me from starting the work process on the No-Kywln game.

On the other hand,people that I know suggested that I should make more No-Kywln videos.You know…so I can try to make the project a bit more popular.

Then again,finals are coming soon and I really need to spend more time studying.Considering that I am pretty lazy,this is another hell of a problem for me.

For Christmas I want a Tablet or a new HD.I don’t mind receiving a new sweater too,but if that happens,I am probably going to stop looking my grandma in the eyes when we discuss a football game.

Things are actually not going that bad.Then again,there’s also my toothache problem and all the different addictions,which I need to overcome.

Oops!This post is getting big!I better stop now,before I offend someone…

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