No-Kywln everywhere…No-Kywln even in your pants!

Here’s some news:

1. I am going to start making posts about the No-Kywln game,my progress with learning how to use RPGMaker2003+How many sprites I’ve made in a day or two.Now,I do want to start making those posts often,so I can keep myself occupied with working on the game and its resourses.So from now on,posts are probably going to be like:Post about the No-Kywln game/game resources—>Other type of post—->Repeat(1+2) OR Post about the No-Kywln game/game resources—->Repeat(1).

2. Another thing that I am planning to do,is to build small levels,using the RPGM2003,make a record of how I am testing them and post it on my YouTube channel.With that,I can show you my current experience with using the RPGM2003+show you a bit of the world of No-Kywln.(?)Now,I am not really sure about this idea,since I still have to find and try a software,which can record my test runs.

3. Another guy promised to make some No-Kywln Art!That’s nice,but I hope he keeps his promise,because I am still waiting for some Art from eRiot,who keeps saying for weeks now,that HE has an eye surgery going on and…he won’t be able to do anything about the art right now.[Yet,he keeps bragging about the movies he watches everyday!!!Jeez…]

4. I am still planing to work on some art myself.I am also not going to abandon my Sub-Projects!!![NO I WON’T!!!]

With that said,I wish you a happy life and a wonderful Christmas!

2 Responses to “No-Kywln everywhere…No-Kywln even in your pants!”

  1. 1 Mushyrulez November 22, 2011 at 3:55 am


    Here, I can help you make some art, but it’ll be pixellated and mspainted. :L(

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