Prepare to meet your [RPG] maker!

               Would you an angel beat?

…and so,I have finally decided- I am going to use [RPGMaker2003] to make the first No-Kywln game!Now,I did check out the other versions of RPGMaker as well and…well…

RPGMakerVX is the newest version of RPGMaker,but it seemed really complicated to me.[NOTE:I haven’t watched/read any tutorials for any of the RPGMakers yet!]RPGMVX have a lot of cool features,but still,I have no idea how to use most of them at all…Maybe when I get used to the older versions,I can try this one out? (?)

RPGMakerXP…I wasn’t even able to install it.[Because Win7 doesn’t want you to install anything,because it’s Win7 and Win7 is a Win7,which by definition is one hell of a crappy system!]

RPGMaker2003-Without even searching for tutorials,I was able to understand how to use most of its features.It’s a very easy tool to use,and it seems complicated only a bit.[Those events…how to…? [?] ] Besides,most of the Yume-type-games are being made with RPGM2003 as well,so…I guess that’s what I am going to use…?

The oldest versions seemed interesting too,but not enough for me to choose them as a tool for my game.[Because they are old and old things are scary…or somethin’…/and because I didn’t liked their features//they are still interesting though!///]

Also,I know that this post is late but…who am I to question myself?

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