So long,High school life…[No-Kywln,experimental comic-page edition!]

I have internet!Heck yeah!Now my life as a Uni-Student-Dorm-Guy-Do-It-Yourself-Because-You-Are -19-Years-Old-Now is completed…


So long,lazy and carefree high school life.You should never be remembered,since you were really boring and full with embarrassing moments.


Oh,MAN!Look at that short comic-thingy![I could have done better but…I don’t know.I guess I just wanted to try making a simple,single page and…who knows?Maybe if I improve in drawing within time,I may actually make a full No-Kywln comicomangathingy(?)]That’s what classes were like for me,when I was in Highschool.Most of the time I was the only one in class,since the others preferd to go at the pub and drink all they long!(Asocial Flare is asocial…)Then again,I was the only one from my school,who was able to pass 3 grand exams and get a score,enough for me to be accepted into university.[=_=]

Hooray for Mishiranu Sai being in my first attempt at making Comic/Manga pages! \(^_^)/

P.S.:I am not going to add this to the art page,because it’s,,,just an experiment.

3 Responses to “So long,High school life…[No-Kywln,experimental comic-page edition!]”

  1. 1 Mushyrulez October 23, 2011 at 7:12 am

    Same with me! I never go out with friends! I also don’t have any friends!


    so you’re copying my comics huh

    you’re lucky because you draw yours on paper

    i draw mine on paint


    it hurts

    my eyes

    and my fingers

    and my ears

    and my mouth

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