Status,news and whatnot…

Hooray!I am healthy again and my work at the sawmill ended!Now I own 700 leva(Bulgarian currency)[Around 1.300 $…I guess?]and I am ready to move out of my house and go to the dorm room-place-building I rent,which I am going to use as a new base for working on my projects and also for going to university[lectures-things;please-don’t-be-boring;PLEASE!].Having a lot of money is pretty essential if you want to survive in Bulgaria as University-student-type-guy…and I don’t even want to mention how expensive things are in the big cities.Oh,well…I’ll be able to manage somehow…(I’m pretty sure that I’ll be eating cardboard boxes for weeks again!IT IS UNAVOIDABLE IF YOU LIVE IN A POOR COUNTRY,FILLED WITH GYPSIES,RETARDS AND LAME SERBIAN MUSIC!!!)

~Homu ~Homu (Is getting old and people do not care about Madoka anymore!)

I also fixed some things on the blog today.[Art,links,posts…]The old posts are kind of lame…and on many of them,the videos from YT are being removed,the links to a certain things are dead and…yeah!It’s one heck of a mess![Be sure to report if a download link/Torrent I posted is broken,so I can revive it!]Still,I am not going to delete the old posts…let them stay as they are,so we can all laugh in the future at the bad grammar and lame things I wrote!

…and that’s what I have to say for today!Another day…another pile of text…

2 Responses to “Status,news and whatnot…”

  1. 1 Mushyrulez September 26, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    Wow, how long did you work there? Glad you’re better.

    Also UNDER CONSTRUCTION POSTS STOP POSTING THEM :(((((((((((((((((((((((( why do you post them anyways )

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