Moe ideas-Moe efforts!

Recently,I’ve noticed the lack of a No-Kywln posts and how this blog is turning more and more into something completely different,which I did not really expected to happen.Actually,the only posts ’bout No-Kywln are posts about Art!(There was one post where I wrote a short story,which was confusing,due to the fact that I haven’t introduced properly a several aspects from the project.)Only making Art won’t get this project anywhere…Besides,my Art needs a lot of improvement!As I have said in the Art page,I do aim to keep to my own style and experiment with new ones,but if we look at how often I make Art…this is not going anywhere at all!


Here’s what I thought on:

1:I can keep making art,while writing down more stories.

2:I can try and make a short,experimental comic/Manga about No-Kywln.

3.Make a game!Probably going to be a simple one,as I am not that skillful in programming video games.There’s also the idea of making a Yume Nikki-style-No-Kywln-game,but I’ll need to learn how to work with the RPG-maker tools if I want that to happen.

4.How about making short animations?For that idea I’m not too sure,since I’ll need to search for more tools and…and…I don’t know.Maybe…

5.There’s also the silly idea of making No-Kywln papercraft-stuff.Hmmm…

6.Last one is to make music and combine it with No-Kywln art.I’m not too sure about this one either…

Don’t get the wrong idea-I am still going to make posts about different stuff.It’s just that I wanted to increase the number of No-Kywln post,since this blog was created mainly to inform the people about the project and what I am doing/working about/for it///stuff//.Oh,well…I guess I should go to work on it now…

1 Response to “Moe ideas-Moe efforts!”

  1. 1 Mushyrulez September 23, 2011 at 2:20 am

    Make a game! If hourai can attempt to make one, you can too!

    >subtly implying that he’s trying to make a game

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