You love to [Corpse] party?===What’s not to love?Duh…

Oh,man!Here we go again…So,I was actually able to find the PC-98 version for the game “Corpse party”!For those of you,who don’t know what I am talking about-“Corpse party” is a Creepy/Scary/Gory,RPG/Adventure-type-of-game,where you control a group of students,who are trapped in a ruined school,filled with ghosts and whatnot.You have to help them escape from there(?),while showing on the way the true power and scary nature of a human being,when he is under the influence of “fear”,A.K.A. [Not having enough information to resolve a certain situation,which leads to future reactions and reflexes of overreacting instinct for self-protection/preserving his/her own precious life[].]DERP!Just look at humans when they are frightening by something-They let out of their ugly mouths weird noises,liquid comes off their ball-shaped-organs,which they use to orientate in the huge system of universal information…ugh!I do not even wish to continue talking about it…

         They better hurry or they are gonna miss the new episode of October Mask...

Now,unlike the PC and PSP versions of the game,the PC-98 version have crappy[not for me](?)graphics,weird controls(…or that’s just for me and my old keyboard!)and yeah…The game is old,(1996)but it was able to grab my attention.Even with the fact that there’s no English translation for it,I went ahead and started it.(I was only able to read like,3% form all the text in the game. m(=_=)m ) [At least to the point where I was able to advance!] The graphics are not super awesome,but I think that they have their own,nostalgic charm.The characters are looking a bit different from the way they look in the new versions of “Corpse Party”.[I also think that in the new versions they also added some new characters/changed the plot a bit…?] The music is not bad…it’s catchy and it fits with the theme of the game.The gameplay…it’s not that hard,but without the knowledge to read MOON RUNES,you are probably going to have a hard time figuring things out.

Scary?Not really…more like creepy!With the elements of gore…I still don’t know the project a whole lot,since the PC-98 version does not provide a lot of information,which I can understand and use to describe my opinion on the project.[…and to progress further in the game!]Which means that I am going to look out for the PC version and…yeah.The PC version have an English translation…<_<

Still,here’s the PC-98 version of “Corpse Party” with an emulator,which you are going to need if you want to run the game.[It’s pretty easy to use the emulator,so I won’t explain how to use it!]


Surprisingly,there’s even a “Corpse Party” Manga…that’s also something worth checking out.

3 Responses to “You love to [Corpse] party?===What’s not to love?Duh…”

  1. 1 Mushyrulez September 10, 2011 at 12:23 am

    …Which ball-shaped organs? Is it the organs that are spherical or the ones that are spherical and have a longer end jutting between the spheres?

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