For today,I wanted to talk about “Yume kara samenai“,which is an old Anime OVA[1987]and which is also the first original work by studio SHAFT!{I like studio SHAFT  a lot,not because of the series they have been working on,but mostly because of the unique art style they use in their animations. ///That’s the main reason./// There are other reasons too…[Which I do not want to state,because this post is not going to be about studio SHAFT!] Derp!}

*pic not related*

“Oh,man!Let’s search for some old stuff!”-…was what I said,while I was stuffing my mouth with pizza,like there was not gonna be tomorrow.But you know,old things are hard to find,since people forget about them and they either throw them in the garbage or toss them in the basement.That’s not co…WAIT!I think that I found the OVA!Yeaaahhh…Wow…this OVA is not bad.Even if there aren’t any subs…[Who needs subs anyways?]For something made in 1987,this is pretty…Oooops!I have already watched five minutes.I cannot watch anymore,unless I pay for an account.Let’s try another place…


NOPE!I can watch only five minutes here as well!Oh,here’s a link,which I can use to download the OVA!But I cannot see it,unless I sign up and become a member of this website-thingy.Ok!Let’s give it a try.NOPE!Now I need to make 50 posts,if I want to become a “True member”,which is the only way if I want the link to show up.If I make those 50 posts too fast,they would be treated as a “Spam” and I would also be treated as “A” spambot!

At this point I was already tired and bored of trying and searching for a way to find the OVA.[I also wanted to play Touhou 12.5… A(^_^;)A ] The time to make this post was also coming up so…yeah.You have to pay with your money and soul if you want anything on the internet these days…[At least,back in the days,we had all those videos with crappy definition,A.K.A.:”Did you record this with your toaster?,which we were able to watch for free…]

[Don’t use your toaster to record SteinS,OK?]

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