“I Don’t Understand My Sister”-A touhou doujin about the strong bond between two sisters…?

By Bears_Walking_Path!

A short(?) Touhou Doujin about the relationship between the Komeiji sisters Satori and Koishi.Now,I am going to say this before I start talking about the actual Doujin-I didn’t liked it!It was not interesting!It sucked!:::Please,bear in mind that this is just my own opinion.To be honest,the only interesting Touhou Doujin that I have read recently was “Gensou Liar Game”(First part!) by PONJIYUUSUU.(I even wanted to make this post to be about GLG,but since I haven’t read the second part…///I don’t even know if the second part is going to be the last one…///*BURP*///Besides,I felt like making a post about Doujin that I don’t like…What’s up with me,making Manga posts about creations that I like,all the time? “”BTW,I also thought about making this post to be about the next chapter of “SCSMS”[Sexy Commando],but I…I…I didn’t wanted to! ^_^ )

Koishi the 13!

Plot-Satori is spending too much time on her work(She is working on a Bishoujo-type-Manga-yuri-ecchi-thing. <_< ///not///)and she cannot afford to spend some of this time with her sister Koishi.Koishi tries to stab Satori’s third eye with a knife,so Satori would lose her power to read minds and by thus,she will no-longer  be hated by others,which would bring her joy and happiness.Satori tries to run away,Okku and Orin try to stop Koishi,Koishi stabs everything![Including Satori’s eye.](Before that,there is some kind-of-epic-speech-by-Satori-about-her-feelings-and-whatnot.)It all turns out to be a dream!Satori wakes up in bed and sees Koishi,who explains to her that she got a fever from overworking.Satori reflects back on her dream and realizes that she needs to spend more time with Koishi. ~FIN! ///More or less…that’s it!///


I didn’t liked the plot.Probably because I have read too many Touhou Doujins with similar plot/characters.Nothing original…Are people even gonna buy/read this?I guess there are some of those who would like this Doujin,but sadly,I am not one of them.(Why “sadly’?Come on…how is the author of this Doujin going to succeed in life,if there are negatons like me,who are all like:”Duuuurrrr!Huuuurrrr!Your works suck!” Actually I have read other Touhou Doujins by Bears_Walking_Path before and they were quite nice!)

The graphical design and the art style are quite fine…Apart from that,I don’t know what else I can say about this Doujin…Maybe I am going to state the fact that if this Doujin was the only one of its kind,it was going to shine a bit more.But since there are like…tons of Touhou doijins like this one,such thing can be only a dream,created by the sugar fairy living in the ripped guts of my body. 



SCORE: 3/10!          You can download this Doujin at Gensokyo.org

1 Response to ““I Don’t Understand My Sister”-A touhou doujin about the strong bond between two sisters…?”

  1. 1 Mushyrulez August 30, 2011 at 11:33 pm


    Stabbity stab! Imagine getting stabbed in your eye. Now imagine Satori.

    …stabbity stab ;_;

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