“Eversion”-Flower guy-thingy goes insane?

Cute little game,isn’t it?

Well,no!It gets creepy as you progress further in the levels.By creepy,I mean REALLY creepy.Not scary,but creepy.Weirdly creepy…Something like that…

What’s so special about this platformer you may ask?Well…nothing actually.Apart from the fact that you can change the world around you,by the power of “Eversion”,there is nothing special about this game.Even the task of collecting all the diamonds isn’t that hard…[You need all the diamonds for a special “thing”]It requires some logical thinking,but…yeah.It’s not that hard.This is just a simple-nice-creepy-platform-game.That’s why I enjoy it so much…

NO...WAY!You've got to be kidding me...

Ooops,spoiler out of nowhere…

Here’s a download link for the game: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=STCS56RI

It’s the latest version…{1.7.3!}which may or may not mean,that there may be future updates for the game.If that’s the case,I would love to try them out…[I am also going to let you all know if new updates are being made for the game.]

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