You cannot make a livin’ just by playing MMOs!

No…I’m pretty sure that this is kind of impossible.Really,even if you were hired just to test the game and share your opinions about it…I’m not sure if there would be someone,willing to pay a whole lot just for this kind of work.Besides,if someone’s main job is working as “A” MMO tester-guy-player,he/she would need to test MMOs all the time and that’s not something I think its religiously possible!Come on now…Consider the fact that new MMOs are not coming out every freakin’ day!How can you pay for food,bills and whatnot,if you are working this kind of thing?I guess it can be like…a secondary job?You know…for extra cash,which you would like to blow on things like books,toys,DVDs and whatnot.

 Then again,I may be wrong… (;^_^)

                            Epic facepalm for the win...

Two more things-If you were able to caugh one of the “Under Construction” posts,that means that I either need some sleep,so I can make the post OR I am spamming in the “Touhou-Chat-Group-Thingy” like mad and I cannot make a post,cuz I don’t feel like doing so at the moment…Well,I guess that I shall try my best do make them a bit early?

Don’t comment in them okay?It’s…it’s not a cool thing to do.

…and Mr.The Mushroom guy mentioned that I do not leave space after my komas…I know that for some reason it’s grammatically incorrect…But does it matter?Is my correction on this going to make the world a better place?Oh,so it speaks bad for my personality…?But I am,who I am and there’s not I single thing that I can do about this fact.If I change my personality for every little thing like this one…I would no longer be the “ME” that I know.I just don’t want that to happen…

3 Responses to “You cannot make a livin’ just by playing MMOs!”

  1. 1 Mushyrulez August 19, 2011 at 1:07 am

    Seriously stop posting these posts

    • 2 FlareIaM August 20, 2011 at 11:58 am

      *heavy breathing*

      • 3 Mushyrulez August 20, 2011 at 4:55 pm

        It’s not grammatically incorrect, just as placing two spaces after each full-stop isn’t, either. I don’t know, it’s an etiquette / ease of reading thing, I guess?

        Also :((((((((( Why would you publish an under construction post?

        Finally, uh it takes a long time to test a MMO, so one person might need to test one MMO for like a year, and then test another one, etc. But I guess you’re right, you can’t make a full-time living just from testing MMOs, but you can make a full-time living from testing games in general…

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