You cannot touch the sound of silence!

Gonna add this to the art page...

You cannot…and you don’t have friends who are willing to play with you the new Madoka game{COOP} made by Twilight Frontier!Gnahahah…the pleasure of playing alone.Oh,hahaha…THAT WAS A JOKE!GET IT?PLAYING ALO…Oh,whatever…

So you think playing a video games{COOP} with friends is awesome eh?Well…

It’s not! ///Why?Because your friends prefer to play Portal,instead of the weaboo-shitaton-game.Oh,they don’t even Sayaka!Hahahaha…that was another joke!Oh…

They are going to blame you for each mistake they make in the game!They are going to rage a lot,that you are in their way!Heck,they are going to blame you for the shitty game you have picked!

That’s the case for 80% of those people in the world which you can ask to play a (Team-based-multi-coop///_ game with you.The rest are either girls,grown-ups A.K.A. Serious Sam///Adult “The Thing” nature///****ts or foreveralone.jpg

95% of the people in this world should be exterminated!

OR!…you can build a house in the forest,where you can lock yourself in,making dolls all day long![Ego up,ego down,ego traveling around the town}

I guess I’ll be playing with Mami alone after all… ;_;

1 Response to “You cannot touch the sound of silence!”

  1. 1 Mushyrulez August 17, 2011 at 3:47 am

    ;A; How can they not even Sayaka??

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