Name that Negaton!

Here we go again…

The truth about a fine leve design...

This is how internet fights start…No,this is not a simple expression of an opinion about certain matter.This is a covered up-” Oh,yeah?And your ugly! “

This is how I saw it.Let’s see what happened next:

02.21-Raocow talks about my post replay!After that…nothing!This was just an opinion.Something forgotten in the past.

If you look at the past,you are going to see a lot of times where you were acting silly and stupid.Inside your head is something like:”I did this?Man,what was I thinking back then?That was just stupid.”AND you are probably filled up with the desire to go back in the past and beat the shish kebab out of your past-self.

But there’s nothing bad in having such experience.The fact that you look back in your past and you are able to find the mistakes that you made back then…it’s a sign that you are growing up.A sign that you can find your mistakes in the past and make sure they never occur again in the future.(In most cases.)


Even now,I may be doing something which my future me is all going to be:Look at him…Having no shame to make such awful posts in the past.Just…and using tags like “Loli” ,”Ecchi” ,”Free” ,”Lovu-lovu” in every post he makes…

We are all growing up sooner or later…I bet that after 20-30 years I won’t be as I am now.I won’t watch Anime and read Manga all day long.I won’t fill myself with junk food like it was no thing.I’ll be a grown up man who is going to be like-“Ohhhhh,how foolish was I in the past.Be sure to not be like me kids!”


There are actually people who cannot recognise their mistakes from the past.Or to be more precise,they DO NOT want to recognise them as mistakes,in order to be able to keep their ego at the maximum.How do they turn out in the future?”Hey gaaaaaiiiiizzzeee!I am a drink and I’m puking in my jummiby.Oh gout gout gout gout!”

Your mind isn’t rcognising mistakes for nothing…it recognises them so you can fix them up!

3 Responses to “Name that Negaton!”

  1. 1 No Shame In Schadenfreude August 7, 2011 at 8:53 am

    People act like nuts online, don’t they?

  2. 3 Mushyrulez August 9, 2011 at 6:23 pm


    And lol, to truly be elitist, you must only focus on yourself in the present. “Look at me in the past, he was a stupid faggot… BUT LOOK AT ME NOW, I’M SUPER AWESOME AND EGO! FUCK YEAH” is how I will eternally think.

    Until I grow up and look at myself in the past and think “Wow, that guy had a huge ego, unlike me now, because I’M SO MUCH AWESOMER THAN HE WAS”. OH WAIT NOTHING’S REALLY CHANGED

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