Mecha makes everything better…

The song is kinda catchy…and I laughed a lot when I saw the giant robot.This is just super awesome and it cannot get any better than this.Now I am actually curious what kind of robot would the Fantastic four had if they were made into some old-fashion-japanese-super-hero-series.Anyways…

I also wanted to talk for a bit about something.You see,I want to start making posts about games,with download links for them.I used to do that often in my old blog and if I remember I used to make post about new and fresh games.But that thing is gonna change a bit because of two reason:

1:This is No-Kylwn.We tend to do things differently than other places.

2.It’s not good to post link to games,because the people who made them are going to lose money.If they lose money they are not going to be able to buy junk food in order to be able to watch some boring Anime.If they get bored they die.If they die we feast upon them.

~My mind wants to do what I shouldn’t do…

So now Vader,I’m coming for you!I can find links for any games if I try,but it just ain’t right yo.(So I am going to find those illegal links for me only! 😀 )Besides,there are like…billions of other blogs and websites which already have posted games and links for their free download.So instead of posting them as well and ruining the image of this blog,I shall post games/things/stuff which is either forgotten or super old.(///Things nobody buys anymore/things which are not selling anymore.///)

This is the way of a true man!{From No-Kywln}

Come on…it’s going to be awesome!If you trust me on this matter…wait!What’s this?About the Manga posts I am making?


Come on now…I am just making reviews for them…

1 Response to “Mecha makes everything better…”

  1. 1 Mushyrulez July 29, 2011 at 12:50 am

    The sad thing is, all the games I play are either free to play online or made by a bunch of nobodies as a troll game.


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