No-day of the “Useless” guy

I shall speak of his story.

As I plan to tell you about No-Kywln.

The idea of mixing reality with insanity.

His name is Isaac Davidson.20 years old,1 meter and 80 centimeters tall,black hair and eyes like those of an owl.He is a very thin person,probably due to the lack of food in his house.No,he is not jobless.If you ask him,he will tell you about his important job,which involves filling surveys on the internet all day long.He is also someone who have a lot of friends,who may be only internet users but still…You know what?Let me just tell you about how he achieved his No-Kywln destiny.

He's gonna score big time!

It was Friday.Finally,a day for a relax.But not for Isaac.This day was going to be like every other day for him-Wake up–>sit on the computer—>browse all day long—>go to bed.Unfortunately for Isaac,as he turned on the computer,he was greeted by a weird smiling face made out of different digital numbers and letters.


The computer went outside the room.Yep.It grew legs and started walking.

“WAIT!COME BACK COMPUTER!”-Isaac shouted.But it was too late.The computer was in the room no more.Try to move YOUR lazy ass from the old,comfy chair and see if you can move your clumsy,deformed legs fast enough,after a machine with four energetic legs.NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

What happened?Something was terribly wrong.Isaac was confused,but decided to ignore those feeling by turning the TV on.

??_??_??_?? Since when was his TV in black and white colors only?Maybe it was broken?Too bad he doesn’t have the skills to fix it.Nor the knowledge on how to call a repairman,who would be able to fix the insane-o-box.


What can you do Isaac?You’ve been doing nothing for your whole life.You don’t have working,nor social skills.Laughing every single day.Slacking every possible day in the very inconvenient way.People are not going to accept you for who you are-A guy who doesn’t contribute to society…

      ...shall not be tolerated!

The television didn’t had any sound either.Only the blurry image of a girl on the screen,talking about sometihng.It’s strange though how was she able to do it,when half of her head  has been crushed and united with the other half by a mere string.

“My friends from the net…I am just a lurker,what am I talking about?”

YES!There was a gum under the chair,which Isaac probably left there since last month.[HECK YEAH BREAKFAST!]But wait a minute…a doorbell?Somebody’s at the door!

Isaac didn’t had any doorbell…


He went.

“Here’s your code for ordering food 2 times per week.”

The girl at the door was calm.Look at her lowered head!She is hiding her face isn’t she?

“You lonely?”-Isaac said the words as the smell of rotten teeth overcome the girl’s nose.

“Don’t try me faggot!Know your shitty place and shut your hole!”

She got angry.Issac got beaten.Oh,that gruesome scene…

Don’t worry Isaac.The machine is just one step in front of you.Just use the code and you’ll receive your free food.

“I remember…I remember what happend.I finally ran out of money.My whole life I’ve been avoiding an important task which I was supposed to do and now…No friends,no job,no life…nothing.I want to keep up my life but how…I don’t have any ideas.”

///Are you going to fool around all day?///

“Wha…?Macto!I am trying to help this poor man out.” -The Headmaster found those words to be quite foolish.He is the headmaster of No-Kylwn and he is not fooling around at all.He…is doing a pretty important job.

“Come on dude.The machine’s right there.Step in front of it with your deformed legs,put the code inside of it with those ugly things you call hands and…ohhh take a look with your blind melted eyes at this delicious food!”

There wasn’t any machine for codes nearby.

THE END/ofevangelion

3 Responses to “No-day of the “Useless” guy”

  1. 1 Mushyrulez July 7, 2011 at 1:44 am

    I don’t understand. Was I supposed to laugh?

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